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Red Bull Canimation Competition



To create an advertisement style animation for the Red Bull energy drink and enter the national Canimation Competition.


Competition Finalist, attendee of the awards ceremony at London's Leicester Square theatre.



My idea for the animation was to bring to life desk top items and bits of hoarded things that are often found in the bottom of desk drawers. This developed into a surreal journey for these objects, all working together in the final scene to create a can of Red Bull.



As time was tight to complete the animation, I designed a series of scenes that would be filmed in order of importance and cut together with music and sound effects. I also made a few models from plasticine so I could animate some of the objects to move in a certain way.



I spent a total of 168 hours animating, resulting in 81 seconds of film. The final animation consisted of over 2500 still frames. 



Once entered, only the top viewed videos progressed the the next stage of the competition, so I publicised my video everywhere and to everyone I could think of.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the animation took off on it's own, appearing on a few popular social media and blog sites in America and Asia, and accumulating over 11,000 views in three weeks.

It was in the top ten videos to be judged by industry experts, and I was one of six finalists invited to London for the winners announcement.